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What forms of payment do you accept? We can accept cash or travelers' checks. We cannot accept payment via personal checks, credit or debit card.

How old should a child be before riding a horse?
Children must be at least seven years old to ride horses at Bar-B-Ranch. We have found through years of experience that most children are not physically or mentally ready for horses until they are 7 years old. Starting too early on horses often results in frustration for the child and a waste of money for the parents. What we recommend is exposure to horses through parent guided pony rides. The child is often most happy with this. When it is time for lessons on horses children with pony ride experience seem to learn quicker and develop a comfort around the animals that allows them to advance their riding more quickly.

I have never ridden a horse before. Can I ride at the Bar-B?
Certainly. We have years of experience introducing beginners to riding and we also have many horses that are appropriate for beginners. While we do offer lessons we also have guided rides which first time riders can enjoy. If you have the desire then we are the place to learn.

Do you have a weight limit?
We have a weight limit of 240 pounds and cannot accommodate larger riders.

I am very experienced. Do you have a horse for me?
For years the Bar-B-ranch has provided riding opportunities for people without horses. We often find our best customers are former horse owners or vacationing horse owners. When we travel we often include riding on our itinerary, therefore we understand the desire to ride in a different location or terrain. We have many horses appropriate only for advanced riders and we are always glad to see these more experienced riders. Whether it be our regular customers or our vacationing riders we are confident you can find a favorite in our herd.

May I use my own tack?
If your tack will fit the horse properly and not cause him discomfort then by all means you may use it.

What should I wear?
The most important thing that you need to wear is something to protect your legs from being chafed by the saddle. Jeans or riding pants are best (Shorts are not recommended). You will also need protection for your feet (a closed toe shoe or a boot if you have it). We believe in the freedom to choose so the rest is up to you, but do expect to get a little dirty.

How many lessons will I need to become a good rider?
The answer to this is based on how quickly you learn and to what level you wish to advance. As a beginner you will learn the most in your first lessons and as you progress the amount that you will learn will be less, but the quality will be greater. We only sell our lessons one at a time because we let you decide if you are satisfied with the instructor, horse and your progress. We do not want you to remain our student simply because you paid for a certain number of lessons and you have to use them up.

Should I send my child to day camp?
The answer to that is "Ask your child." Some children need a little encouragement in order to start riding, but the decision must still be made by them. If your child wants to be here then we will gladly work with him or her to overcome any obstacle. BUT PLEASE DO NOT FORCE YOUR CHILD TO COME AGAINST HIS OR HER WILL!

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