Bar-B-Ranch • Horseback Riding Lessons

We offer beginner to advanced riding lessons, based on the principals of Natural Horsemanship.

All of our saddles are Western, however, we teach the prinicpals of both English & Western styles of riding. We teach groundwork, bareback, and even “bridleless” riding.

At Bar-B Ranch, we have a wide variety of horses to make your riding progress pleasant as you learn the basics, and reach personal achievements. Private and semi-private horseback riding lessons are available.

Trail Lessons
Over many years our instructors have developed a method of teaching foundation riding based on Natural Horsemanship, using a trail ride as the location, destination, and one of the tools of teaching. The trail ride has none of the confinement of a traditional riding ring.

With both the instructor and the student mounted, the student can encounter the various challenges of riding one finds when riding on one’s own. The instructor can easily model and facilitate many riding scenarios.

This very pleasant ride allows the skills learned, to be used for pleasure riding or as a sound basis for more advanced equestrian activities. Call to speak with one of our instructors and see how we can help you reach your goals in riding.

Lessons are by appoinment only. To schedule your lesson, call: 954-424-1060.


Bar-B Ranch Riding Lessons

Lessons are by appointment. Please call us at 954-424-1060 ahead of time to schedule your lesson.

We love the trail lesson, but we also have a round ring and other enclosed riding areas, including a field with obstacles to support and further your education.

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