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Our Scenic Trail Rides in Robbins Open Space Preserve feature Florida’s most beautiful landscapes.

The Town of Davie’s Robbins Open Space Preserve is a public park less than a ten minute ride away. This 160 acre preserve is one of the most beautiful and scenic parks in South Florida, and gives riders and other nature lovers a glimpse of “Old Florida”.

The herd of Longhorn cattle within the park’s two pastures remind riders of Florida’s tradition and history as cattle country.

Our attentive trail guides usually give you the opportunity to trot and sometimes even canter. If you are only comfortable walking we will support you in that as well. We want you to have a wonderful experience.

Note: We can accommodate riders up to 240 pounds (108.8 kg.), and riders 7 years and older.

All rides are by appointment only. To schedule your ride i advance, call: 954-424-1060


Bar-B Ranch Scenic Trail Rides

We Offer Private Rides by Appointment Only

Robbins Preserve Scenic Trail Rides:
1&1/2 hour Private Rides $100.00 & up per rider.
Call 954-424-1060 to schedule in advance.

Bar-B Ranch On Property Trail Rides:
1 hour Private Rides $70.00 & up per rider.
Call 954-424-1060 to schedule in advance.

Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Saturday
9:00am - 4:30pm Sunday.

Helmets Required: $5.00 per day, or bring your own ASTM* certified riding helmet, (required under 18 years old).
*ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

Enjoy a guided ride on our 25 acre property.

The “On Property Ride” is a great place to enjoy the horses and it’s a beautiful ride, but we will cover our 25 acres several times in an hour. There are some shaded trails on our property, but most of the ride is in the open. This is a consideration when it’s particularly warm or sunny.

Is anyone in your group a new rider?
We recommend the hour ride for new riders or anyone who may find that less than a full ride is enough. On our property you are no further than a 10 minute walk to your car. The 90 minute ride to Robbins Open Space Preserve takes us as far as 45 minutes walking or riding back to our barn. If anyone in your group is at all hesitant, concerned, or nervous, we recommend scheduling the hour long ride on our property.

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