ATTN: Please read our COVID-19 Safety Protocol below BEFORE scheduling your ride. We want you to be familiar with our new safety guidelines and procedures, and arrive at the ranch prepared to enjoy your ride.


Bar-B Ranch Is Now Open For Scheduled Rides!

We are happy to announce that Bar-B-Ranch is now open for scheduled rides. We will require our riders to follow safety guidelines without exception. Your safety is our priority, and we’re taking precautions to make our ranch as safe an environment as possible. Please take the time to read our COVID-19 Safety Protocol before your scheduled ride. To schedule your ride, call: 954-424-1060.

Bar-B Ranch Rider COVID-19 Safety Protocol

We are happy to re-open, and ask for your patience & commitment to safety as we begin taking riders.

Please read our Client Protocol for Phase 1 Re-Opening below.

We ask that you comply with all of these guidelines to help keep our riders and staff safe and healthy during this time To visit the ranch we will require you to wear a mask or bandanna that covers your nose and mouth (at all times). Maintaining physical distancing protocol at all times is (mandatory).

● Masks or bandannas that cover your nose and mouth are required. Please bring your own as we do not supply them.

● All rides will be by appointment only, no walk-ups please.

● Only riders from the same household may ride together. Identification showing the same home address may be required.

● No additional guests (spectators) will be allowed in order to limit the number of people at the ranch at one time.

● Properly worn facial coverings are required from the time you exit your vehicle until you return to your vehicle. Please take masks with you, or dispose of them properly. Do not throw them, or anything else, on the ground.

● Please do your best to stay 6 feet away from any other riders at the ranch.

● Photos will be taken by our staff on their phones and sent to you, to maintain distancing guidelines. Bring as little as possible on your ride but pack whatever you may need as our snack and drink machines will not be available.

● If it is believed that you are not well, or you are currently living with a previously quarantined or sick individual we reserve the right to end or cancel your ride. Reservation fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and rides once begun also have NO REFUNDS.

● We will attempt to provide a safe environment for all staff and customers in every way at all times.

● Please do not touch or pet the horses in the barn.

● Our staff will assist you when mounting your horse. During this process they may need to be closer than 6 feet, or in fact touch you.

● When you arrive at the ranch the gates will be closed. We will check you in at the gate at which time you will be asked to demonstrate that you have appropriate attire and Personal Protection Equipment, (masks and gloves).

NOTE: In these difficult times many people are looking for an escape, a sense of normalcy, or a great way just to get outside. We are excited to provide that to the community. As always, but now more than ever, we want each rider to consider very carefully the ramifications of participating in this inherently risky activity.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in following our safety guidelines and requirements.

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